A guide to adult training grants

If you want to apply for adult training grants you'll have to look around for the right scheme. Always apply for anything you may be entitled to and don't want for someone to approach you with money you should have received from the start; you need to investigate all schemes and apply yourself.

There's no upper age limit for adult training grants but you normally need to be older than 19. The general criteria for adult training grants vary depending on the type of grant offered and the organisation you receive the grant from, but most provide more money to single parents, families where both parents are studying or people from low income families/on a low wage. You are also entitled to additional benefits on most schemes if you have a certain ailment or disability which affects your studies.

Adult Learning Grant

The ALG is a £30 a week grant which is provided for most types of training courses, provided you meet certain income criteria (i.e., you don't earn above a certain amount already). The funds can be used for the purpose of your course, such as travel costs or equipment.

Educational Grants and Advisory Service

Many charities and educational institutions offer their own adult training grants but it can be quite a daunting task to tackle all these applications and databases by yourself. The EGAS can, however, apply on your behalf and search for relevant grants for you. Contact your local Jobcentre for information on the EGAS.


Some publications regularly cover grants and finance incentives for adult learners. You should keep an eye on the following publications:

  • Educational Grants Directory;
  • Charities Digest;
  • Grants Register;
  • Directory of Grant Making Trusts.

Higher Education Bursaries

If you're studying at a higher education institution, even if it's an Access course or Level 3 qualification, you may be entitled to bursaries from the university or additional funding for your course. Check with financial advisors at your institution about any additional funding incentives.

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