Where to find adult training courses

What is adult training?

Adult training relates to the areas of education designed especially for adults who wish to undertake further education or training for a variety of reasons. Some people wish to improve their CVs by getting more highly qualified and some people wish to re-qualify and start a new career path. Of course, you can enrol on the adult training courses even if you have no plans to change your career and indeed many people do enrol simply for their own personal enjoyment or development.

What sorts of courses are available?

Courses range from sessions which enable you to gain basic English and mathematics skills to complex courses relating to engineering or foreign languages. There are courses available in thousands of subject areas so there will be one to suit everyone. Courses vary in length and difficulty depending on the establishment. Universities offer adult training with a high level of intellect and complexity yet some community centres may be able to offer beginners' courses in anything from English language to mechanics. You can check which courses are available using sites like the government's career advice website - Nextstep.direct.gov.uk - or by consulting the online prospectus of your local college or community centre.

How much do courses cost?

Course costs for adult training vary enormously. If you wish to undertake complex degrees - especially in the sciences or engineering - you could be looking at tuition fees which reach the tens of thousands. At the other end of the spectrum, you may also find courses offered at places like local community colleges which are free or are available at a very low cost. The government careers website can advise you about funding for adult training should you need it.

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