Do you need to enrol in an adult learning school?

Enrolling in an adult learning school is critical if you are attempting a late entry into the world of commerce or profession, and you want to do so right away. If you were to apply in a regular college or university, you will usually have to contend with admission requirements and wait for 3 to 4 years before you can successfully complete your course. With adult learning centres, however, you can usually obtain a degree, certificate or diploma in a few months’ time.

Mary Ward Centre

At marywardcentre.ac.uk, you will get to choose from one of the widest list of courses available for adult education. They have courses available in fields such as the following: Visual Arts and Music, Health and Social Care, Writing/Publishing, Business and Computing, English and Languages, Humanities and Digital Media.

One of the school’s best offerings, however, is its Over 60’s programme. Although senior citizens are still welcome to apply to any of the regular courses offered at Mary Ward Centre, this programme is specifically designed to suit their needs and preferences. Available courses under this programme include Over 60’s Computing, Writing in Retirement and Extra Gentle Tai Chi.

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education

You can know more about your options in adult education by visiting niace.org.uk. The non-profit institution aims to help all individuals in England and Wales to take better advantage of the various adult-learning opportunities available to them.

Courses in an adult learning school tend to be skill-oriented and trade-specific. They will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for a particular type of job – but not much else.


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