Short courses for adult education teaching

There's more to teaching courses than undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. If you would like to work in adult education teaching, a short course can really boost your employability and increase your chances of finding a job. Here are some of the best short courses for teachers...

If you are a qualified teacher who wants to boost your CV with extra courses, there are some great options available. These include:

Graduate Certificate in E-learning - E-learning is an increasingly popular teaching method and multi-skilled teachers with understanding of this learning environment are in high demand. This is a particularly good qualification for teachers who would like to work in adult education given the fact that most distance learners are over the age of 21.

Certificate in Training and Assessment - This is an excellent qualification for teachers who would like to work in adult education, particularly on work-based or vocational courses.

Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Teaching - If you would like to work in a university or higher education college, this is a very useful certificate. It can be studied part time and fitted around your current job. Do note that you will need a higher degree in order to teach at university level, but this certificate is a very useful add-on.

Life Coaching Course - Teaching is no longer confined to one subject or one class. To be successful, you need to be multi-disciplinary, and life coaching is a useful skill both inside and outside of schools.

Professional development courses are also available across a range of subjects, including gifted students, leadership, behaviour management and environmental education.


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