Adult education centres in Surrey

Adult education centres in Surrey are ideal to help you boost your education and employment opportunities in the area. Most employers now expect applicants to have at least a GCSE C or above in maths and English for many jobs, or will accept years of experience. But if you haven't got a strong employment background behind you then you'll probably need those qualifications.

Luckily, government incentives mean that most adult education centres in Surrey can provide free teaching and training for foundation qualifications, which include GCSE maths and English or equivalent. You must be over 18 in most cases to be provided with free tuition.

If you already have your foundation qualifications then you could attend one of the adult learning centres in Surrey to top up your education or even take a higher qualification, such as A-Levels or training courses in health an safety. NVQs are available at most centres which are ideal for practical career choices; you could also take qualifications that make your eligible for higher education if you wish to study a degree at University and further increase your career prospects.

Adult education centres in Surrey are completely different to the classroom. You're independent and responsible for your own work, but will be provided with specialised teaching from experts to help you along. Courses are designed especially for adults so you won't be expected to learn anything in a school setting or anything out of your comfort zone.

Some adult education centres in Surrey are:

  • Guildford Adult Community Learning Centre: Sydenham Rd, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3RX. 01483 518528, surreycc.gov.uk
  • Richmond Adult Community College: Parkshot, London, Surrey, TW9 2RE. 020 8891 5907, racc.ac.uk
  • Kingston Adult Education: North Kingston Centre, Richmond Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 5PE. 020 8547 6700‎, kingston.gov.uk
  • Brooklands College: Church Road, Ashford, TW15 2XD. 01932 797700, brooklands.ac.uk


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