Are you looking for adult education courses in Nottingham?

Given the fact that the economy is still struggling to get back to where it was just four short years ago, it's not remotely surprising that so many people are starting to consider re-educating themselves while things are still slow in the job market. After all, if there are no jobs to be had anywhere, as we are often hearing, why wouldn't you consider taking some adult education courses in Nottingham in order to make yourself more employable in the long run?

One of the things that you need to remember when searching for adult education courses, is that it's always very important to think about what you can get from them. You might decide that you want to upskill in your current profession, so that you don't get left behind by younger, more educated employees down the line, for example. Or perhaps you have decided to switch career and you want to add some new skills that should help you find a job in your new occupation. For example you could be a carpenter who has decided that he would have more chance of finding work if he took a course in joinery.

There are also people who take courses because they are interested in the subject matter, not necessarily because they want to use it to get themselves a job. This is something else that we recommend, because it's good for your mind to get out there and learn new things, no matter how irrelevant or trivial they may seem.

You can take adult education courses in Nottingham in the following places, for more information don't be afraid to call into them and speak to an advisor;

  • NCN Basford Hall, Stockhill Lane
  • Bilborough College, College Way
  • The People's Campus (Castle College Nottingham), Maid Marian Way
  • Beeston Campus (Castle College Nottingham), High Road, Chilwell, Beeston
  • NCN Cty (Adams), The Lace Market
  • NCN (Bath), Bath Street

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