Types of adult education career

Adult Education Career Classroom Teaching

Teaching in the classroom is the main job that attracts people to an adult education career. The chairs may be larger and the students may be older. The classes for adult education can range from diploma courses for school-leavers to technical skills such as training new construction supervisors.

Adult Education Classrooms

Adult education classrooms are not as noisy and difficult to control as classes for youth. With less time for education, adult learners make an adult education career rewarding for you. They appreciate your interest and value your time. They come to class prepared to learn.

Adult Education Career in Workforce Development

A rapidly developing speciality is an adult education career in workplace learning. On-the-job training needs for adults can be as simple as numeracy skills for people who lack a good grasp of basic maths skills. A workplace adult education career may also be more formal, teaching new hires how to communicate effectively with email, develop meeting agendas or supervise workers. Workplace adult education may also require that you create and use a special curriculum that covers company-specific skills. In this adult education career, you might teach online, use an intranet or offer workshops for small groups of workers.

Workplace Adult Education Career Students

Workplace development adult learners usually get time off during the work day to acquire these skills. Your job in this adult education career helps employed people do their job better and may even keep them from becoming unemployed. Your contribution helps the company's bottom line. Developing human resources and helping workers reach their potential is a dual benefit of this adult education career choice.

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