Finding the right pathway to into adult education

There are a lot of adult education centres spread out across the country. Some of these centres specialise in certain disciplines, whilst others offer people the chance to improve on their qualifications, or study for new ones. Deciding on what qualification you ultimately want to receive will affect the centres that you look at.

It is also possible to study online, this option is suitable for those looking to improve their qualifications, but also need to remain in employment. Most online courses can be studied at your own pace, so you can concentrate on working as well.

Education Centres

Websites such as a The Next Step can offer advice to those looking for assistance with their existing qualifications. The Next step offers a wide range of courses covering everything from art to psychology, and everything in-between. The Next Step can also be used to search for your local centre. Use your postcode to reveal the local centres in your area; they will also be able to provide contact information and a list of the specific courses offered by that centre.


Whether you are looking to study in an adult education centre, or study from home, selecting the right course is perhaps the most important thing.

There are institutes such as The Writers Bureau which specialise in one type of course. If you want to follow a specific career path, these courses might be worth looking at.

If you want something widely recognised, The Open University might be worth looking at. The Open University offers a selection of courses covering every type of qualification from diplomas to degrees to Doctorate studies. The Open University is the most well-known and widely respected home study programme, and has helped many people get the qualifications they desire.

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