Administrative jobs from home

Today more and more jobs can be completed from home. If you live in an area with decent internet speeds and you’re computer literate, you can get yourself admin jobs you can work from home. We’ll outline the best administrative jobs from home and give you an idea of where to look for this type of work.
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Virtual assistant

The role of a typical PA has changed over the past decade or so as companies cut back on administrative staff and people who are computer literate take on management positions but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs out there. If you’ve got the right level of experience and you’re willing to work hard, this is the sort of job that you can complete from the luxury of your living room. This is an ideal job for anyone who needs to fit work in around family life as typing memos, managing company databases, handling billing, dealing with incoming correspondence and making travel arrangements can normally be done at any time of day. Check out virtualassistants.co.uk and remoteemployment.com if you’re interested in this type of position.

Bookkeeping and accounting

If you have the skills and the necessary experience to manage a firm’s accounts, then there are lots of virtual bookkeeper roles available. Most employers will ask for qualifications like an AAT or CIMA but if you’re interested in this type of work you’ve probably studied for professional qualifications already. You’ll find adverts for this type of work at sites like workingmums.co.uk as well as recruitment sites like fish4.co.uk and indeed.co.uk.


This sort of work is part of a virtual PA’s role but it can be a job in itself. All you’ll be asked to do is listen to recordings that need to be typed up. The pay probably won’t be all that great so you’ll need a high words per minute count in order to make this form of work worth your while, but it’s steady and regular work that could give you an additional income.

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