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These days more and more people are beginning to show their interest in administrative and assistant jobs across the country. Whether it's the fact that they appear to be among the most stable jobs around right now, or it's simply a case that as people grow more and more proficient with computer use they are deciding to put their day to day use of them to work for their financial gain is up for debate, but it cannot be denied that they are becoming among the most popular jobs around right now.

If you have decided that administrative and assistant jobs are for you, then there are a few things you should know before cementing your decision to look for them.

As with any prospective career, it always pays to know exactly what you're going to be facing on a day to day basis. Obviously you'll be using computers an awful lot as part of your daily routine. The most commonly used software includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook, although you may use Lotus Notes as your email and organisation client instead of Miscrosoft's program.

For the most part, your job will consist of creating, editing and maintaining various documents throughout the day. The exact nature of the files you will be working on depends very much on the sector the job is in. Obviously someone working in the financial sector would be spending much more time using Excel to create and edit spreadsheets.

Whichever sector you end up in, you'll need to display excellent typing speed and accuracy, as well as a solid working knowledge of the internet - the number one resource for researching information.

For these jobs you can expect to earn between £6.04 and £8.54 per hour, depending on your prior experience. As you move through the ranks, you'll be able to earn anywhere up to £18.50 per hour - although at this point you'll be taking on a much more management oriented position than an actual administrative or clerical one.

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