Where to find administration jobs in Hampshire and other job roles in the area

Whilst areas in the north of Hampshire are experiencing a consistent level of unemployment, towns and cities in east Hampshire are witnessing an increase, so there is more competition for work in places like Havant, Fareham and Portsmouth than there is in towns like Basingstoke. But no matter where you live in Hampshire, getting administration work is difficult. As so much work has moved to other areas of the country or been sent abroad, where do you look for work if you don’t want to move out of Hampshire?

Recruitment Agencies

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent placement, there are hundreds of agencies that cater for administration work in Hampshire or any office based job. Companies like Office Team on Commercial Road, Southampton or Hays Office Support on Church Street, Basingstoke place specialist admin staff in Hampshire.


Jobs are also advertised in the region’s local newspapers. The News in Portsmouth, the Basingstoke Gazette and the Southampton Daily Echo are just three examples of papers in the county that publish a weekly job section. Each of these papers reproduces the job section on their website.

Employment Websites

Websites like monster.co.uk and jobsite.co.uk are additional places to find admin work. They allow a more passive approach to job seeking because you can set your criteria and allow agencies to come to you. These sites allow you to upload your CV and make it visible to recruiters across the county or subscribe to an alert service that emails you when appropriate jobs are advertised.

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