Find yourself an administration or clerical in South Yorkshire career

Before you take the plunge into a whole new career, it can be a good idea to first find out exactly what the work entails. When it comes to an administration or clerical in South Yorkshire career, many people don't quite realise the whole scope of the job, and find that they are ill prepared for not only the job search, but also the work itself. In order to give yourself the best chance of success in your search and in your career we recommend you take the time out to read this guide as to what your job will involve.

When working in administration or clerical positions, strong working knowledge of computers is absolutely essential. While it might be possible to get by with just a basic knowledge, it's not recommended as it will mean that you could potentially become overwhelmed with things very quickly.

You'll be expected to be able to type at a reasonable speed and with a high degree of accuracy. The old "two finger" typing technique simply won't cut it unfortunately. If you aren't quite up to speed when it comes to this skill, there are a number of great software packages out there that can teach you the tricks of the trade. We recommend the Mavis Beacon range for those of you who want to learn as quickly as possible.

Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite is another essential, since the majority of your computer based work will centre around spreadsheets, word processor documents and email. There are other packages that may be used, but for the most part it'll mainly be this one.

To find administrative or clerical jobs in South Yorkshire, we recommend you use the services of one of the excellent recruitment agencies in the area. Office Angels are one of the most well established when it comes to finding jobs starting at around £7.58 per hour.

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