Find a great administration or clerical Newcastle upon Tyne career today

Whether you're sick of your current job or have been out of work and are now searching for a way to get back into the work force, we strongly recommend you consider an administration or clerical Newcastle Upon Tyne career. With so many potential opportunities availble in that particular industry, you're never going to be short of job offers, even when we are going though a tough financial time like we are right now.

The hardest part of starting this kind of career is getting your foot in the door of your first job. Many places have work experience listed as a prerequisite, so if you haven't worked in an office doing clerical work before you may be out of luck.

At least, that is unless you use a recruitment agency. There are plenty of really top notch recruitment agencies in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, and they can all help you find the clerical role of your dreams. If you are lacking experience, you can expect to start with entry level roles, usually earning between £5.20 and £5.50 per hour, but as you become more and more experienced you can expect this to increase to as much as £9.50 per hour.

Of the various Newcastle based recruitment agencies, we recommend you pay particular attention to NRG (Lloyds Court, 78 Grey Street, Newcastle), Executemps (34 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle), Office Angels (Gainsborough House, 34-40 Grey Street, Newcastle) and Prime Time Recruitment (Higham House, Higham Place, Newcastle), as these agencies have the best contacts among local Newcastle based businesses.


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