We can help you find an administration clerical Greater Birmingham job

With the UK job market currently at its most competitive for decades it can be almost impossible to find the kind of job you have your heart set on. Many people report becoming disillusioned with the job search process quite quickly after receiving numerous rejection letters or, worse again, hearing absolutely nothing back from anyone despite sending off countless applications.

While this isn't necessarily a reflection on the person's abilities, it could well be that they simply didn't do their preparation work properly. When we talk about preparation work when it comes to applying for jobs, we mean making sure that your CV is up to scratch and free of any errors or irrelevant information that will be of no interested to prospective employers, as well as researching the companies you are applying for to see if you adequately meet their criteria.

When it comes to finding an administration clerical Greater Birmingham job, it's expected that you're going to need quite a bit of previous experience in the field. You'll also need to be proficient with all the latest software packages, including email software, word processors, and spreadsheet programs.

Assuming you meet all those criteria, we recommend that you get in touch with some of the excellent recruitment agencies in the Greater Birmingham area who specialise in finding work placement for experienced clerical workers.

Although there are many more out there, the ones we recommend due to their excellent track records and recommendations from former employees are listed below. Before you search anywhere else we strongly recommend that you get in touch with them with a view to submitting your CV and getting yourself placed in a reputable company as soon as possible.

Blue Arrow, 61 New Street, Birmingham, Phone: 0121 632 4477

Extra Personnel, Cavendish House, 39-41 Waterloo Street, Birmingham, Phone: 0121 616 6161

Proactive Recruitment Solutions, 43 Temple Row, Birmingham, Phone: 0121 237 6006

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