A guide to admin roles

What are admin roles?

The administration staff deals with paper work. This involves filing, typing, photocopying, faxing, searching and compiling information. While the admin staff doesn't bring in profit like the sales people do, they ensure the smooth running of the business.

Examples of admin jobs

Here are some popular administrative jobs:

  • Secretary
  • Administration assistant
  • Clerk

How to qualify for admin jobs

Educational qualification

You can enter the workforce after completing secondary school but you will start at the bottom of the career ladder. Having completed a diploma in business administration is preferable. Having a degree in business administration is even better.

The higher your qualification, the higher your career entry level. This means that you start at a higher pay too and you can advance your career faster and easier.

Working experience

The difference between a fresh graduate and an experienced staff lies in the speed and accuracy of work. An experienced staff has a better grasp or handle on office administrative matters. This results in less error and a faster work turnaround. A 'clueless' fresh graduate can be just the opposite.

Office skills

You must know how to use the computer and surf the internet. Knowing how to use the word processor and spreadsheet programme is a necessity.

Communication skills

It is quite important that you can communicate well with your colleagues. You are all team members after all, which means that you affect each other's work.

You should also possess basic telephone skills. Simply be polite and to the point.


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