Interested in admin jobs working from home in the UK?

If you'd like to earn some extra income in your own time, admin jobs working from home in the UK could be for you. In these times of financial uncertainty, more and more UK companies are looking to cut costs. One way to do this is to cut back on admin expenses. This can involve downsizing their admin department and contracting the work out to freelancers or telecommuters.

To get an admin job working from home, you'll need to defeat some stiff competition. Unfortunately during the recession, many admin workers lost their jobs. There are therefore a large number of experienced admin staff looking for work.

Because work from home jobs offer so many benefits - like flexible working hours and a job without a commute - they tend to attract a high number of applicants. Remember too that due to the nature of these jobs, you may be competing with people from right across the world and not just in your local area.

It's therefore extremely difficult to secure admin work from home by applying for jobs advertised on the internet. It's likely that these will attract a huge number of applications from highly qualified applicants.

A much better strategy is to use your existing contacts to find a position. If you already have a job, check with the HR department to see if there is a work from home scheme in place. If there is, apply for it. If there's not, prepare a detailed work from home proposal that will address any concerns your employer might have.

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