Are you looking for admin jobs in Wigan?

If you have decided that admin jobs in Wigan are for you, it's worth making sure that you know exactly what is involved in the role before you start applying to any available positions. One of the main problems many people find with admin work is that they really didn't know what to expect when they were starting out, and despite the fact that many people seem to think that it's "easy" work, it certainly isn't for everyone.

In order to excel at admin work, it is very important that you are comfortable using a computer for long stretches every day. While it's not essential to be a computer genius, it certainly will help if you are experienced enough with them to be able to pick up most software relatively quickly. It is also beneficial if you have prior experience using the Microsoft Office range of programs, especially Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel since these will be the most commonly used programs for most admin staff (apart from any proprietary or niche software that is specific to the role in question).

You may also need to spend a good deal of time on the phone, so it's very important that you are comfortable with this, and have an excellent telephone manner. You don't need to be the most eloquent person in the world, but once you can speak clearly and be understood that should be good enough.

If you have never worked in an admin position before, you are most likely going to start off at the very bottom of the pay scale. Depending on the company you work for, you can expect this to be anywhere from minimum wage (£5.93) up to about £7.00 per hour.

When searching for admin jobs in Wigan, we recommend that you pay particular attention to the major business centres. In this case, that means focussing on Pagefield Industrial Estate, Hewitt Business Park and Locket Business Park. Each of these areas has a large number of businesses working in it, so you'll have a much better chance of finding work by concentrating on those specific areas.


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