Admin jobs in Stafford are minutes away

Admin jobs in Stafford are a good opportunity for people who wish to perform all types of administrative tasks. Admin jobs involve working in an office and assuring that business matters are handled and the business runs smoothly.

Admin Jobs: Best Industries

Administrative jobs can be found in almost any industry. Any company, no matter its profile, needs administrative positions from secretaries to clerks. In Stafford, most admin jobs are available in the banking sector, accounting, medical, financial sector, legal field, and other industries. You can choose to work part time in Stafford, temporary, full time or permanent.

Admin Jobs: Recruiters

There are many agencies in Stafford that recruit people to fill administrative positions. Some examples would include: The Recruitment Link Ltd., Hays Accountancy and Finance, Assured Recruitment Solutions, Reed Specialist, Esther McNeal Recruitment, and GPRS Recruitment. You can find details about these recruitment agencies if you look at the websites. There are also many websites that offer job opportunities, both locally and nationally such as 1job.co.uk, localrecruit.co.uk, jobisjob.co.uk, totaljobs.com, fish4.co.uk.

Admin Jobs: Salary Expectations

Compared to other types of jobs, administrative jobs are not the best remunerated jobs. As far as admin jobs in Stafford are concerned the offers are different depending on your work experience, type of job and undertaken responsibilities. You may choose to work as:

  • Senior Purchase Ledger Clerk for a minimum of £19,000 per annum and up to £23,000/year
  • Part Time Credit Control Clerk for £7 to £9/hour
  • Trailer Freight Exports Clerk for a minimum of £18,000/year and up to £30,000/year
  • Part Time Office Administrator for a minimum of £12,000-£13,000/ year
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk for £16,000-£18,000/year
  • Part Time Administration Assistant: £8-£10/hour,£12-£13000/year
  • Part Time Payroll Clerk: £10,000

These types of jobs are varied and involve different levels of responsibility. Admin jobs in Stafford can be very rewarding if you enjoy keeping a business running smoothly and being of great help to those around you.


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