We check out some admin jobs in Uxbridge

Finding work certainly isn't easy in the current economic climate, however those of you who prepare adequately should have a much easier time finding positions than those of you who do not. One of the key things to remember before stepping up your job search, is that you need to be fully aware what exactly is going to be required of you in any position that you apply to.

When it comes to applying for admin jobs in Uxbridge, it's very important that you ensure that you have the relevant qualifications for the position in question. When it comes to administrative positions, you will need to have, at the very least, your A-levels. It will certainly prove no hindrance if you have a HND or degree in a suitable field, such as business or secretarial studies, however neither of these are necessary for the vast majority of positions.

You can expect to earn around £7.65 per hour for your entry-level administrative position. If you have worked in the field before, and have at least three years worth of previous work experience you can expect to earn up to £8.20 per hour, depending on the company you work.

It is important to know exactly what will be asked you as an administrative assistant. You will need an excellent telephone manner, typing speed of more than 65 words per minute, the ability to think on the fly, working knowledge of Microsoft Office, in particular Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and a willingness to do everything you can in order to help the professionals in your business with their roles.

You can check out the following websites in order to find the very latest vacancies for admin jobs in Uxbridge today;

  • totaljobs.com
  • cv-library.co.uk
  • monster.co.uk


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