Have you considered admin jobs in Telford?

Despite the fact that admin jobs in Telford are among the most sought after jobs in the area, it's actually relatively easy to get your foot in the door with a reputable company these days. Even though the economy is still struggling, there are plenty of companies out there who are willing to take on staff on a contract based manner, which will give them the chance to assess whether or not they are right for the company in the long run.

While this might not provide you with the kind of job security you have been looking for, it's certainly better than being out of work and spending hour after hour searching the internet for a position that may, or may not, suit your skills and abilities.

Even if you have no previous experience working in an office, basic computer skills, a strong typing ability (at least 65 words per minute is preferable, with a high degree of accuracy) and a great telephone manner should be more than enough to satisfy any requirements that potential employers many have.

Your daily tasks will include things like creating and editing databases containing various bits and pieces of information about the business, making phone calls, sending and receiving emails to clients, issuing purchase orders or invoices and transcribing notes or recordings.

The best way to find admin jobs in Telford is to go through a recruitment agency. There are many of these in the area, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that suits your needs. We recommend taking a look at the following;

  • Staffline Group, Suite 6A Bishton Court
  • Resource Bank Recruitment, RBR House, Unit B10, Hawksworth Road
  • Extra Personnel, Hazeldine House, Central Square
  • Manpower UK, 13 Central Square


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