Plenty of admin jobs available in Newport, Gwent

In a town the size of Newport, there are always employment opportunities to be availed of. Admin jobs in Newport, Gwent, are available in a range of industries, and can be found in a few minutes online.

The easiest way of finding admin jobs in Newport, Gwent, is through recruitment websites. Some of the bigger recruitment sites, including Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed have hundreds of admin vacancies posted on their websites.

All that's required to apply for any of the positions with recruitment agencies is a CV. Once you've uploaded one on the website, you're free to put your name in for any position that catches your eye. And it also raises the possibility of being headhunted for a job, because employers often use these agencies when they're trying to fill vacancies.

Registering for email alerts of new vacancies gives you the chance to be one of the first to apply for a position, and this is a great way of demonstrating your enthusiasm for a job.

Admin jobs are very attractive because of the low level of qualifications and experience required for a start in the industry. However, most admin work is done on a computer so being able to operate basic programs, such as Microsoft Office and Excel, is a major advantage. A short computer course will imbue you with these skills.

Wages for admin staff fluctuate between the various industries they're employed in, but you can expect to earn somewhere between £8 to £12 for most roles.


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