Are you searching for admin jobs in High Wycombe?

With the level of competition in the job market and United Kingdom currently at record levels, it's no surprise that people are struggling to find themselves the best possible job prospects. For many people this means searching for admin jobs in High Wycombe, however one of the problems with searching for this type of work is that very few people actually understand what is required of admin workers. We have compiled this guide which will talk you through the basics of the position.

As an administrative assistant you can expect to earn between £7.10 and £8.15 per hour, depending on which company you work for and the type of business that there are in. For the most part, you will spend the majority of your day sitting in front of a computer editing, creating, manipulating, maintaining and filing documents of all kinds.

In order to do this, you will need to be proficient with computers, in particular ones using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, as well as a wide range of proprietary software that different companies may use depending on the kind of business that they are in.

Being able to type quickly as an asset, and those of you with a typing speed of more than 65 words per minute will have a much higher chance of being successful in your search for work. However speed isn't everything and you'll need to be accurate too if you're going to really impress potential employees.

There are a number of business parks in High Wycombe that can offer some excellent recruitment opportunities, including Oakridge House, Cressex Business Park, Kingsmead Business Park and Peregrine Business Park.

If you have exhausted all these options and are still unsure of where to look for admin jobs in High Wycombe, you can check out these great websites;

  • reed.co.uk
  • jobisjob.co.uk
  • CV-library.co.uk
  • monster.co.uk


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