How to write the best CV for admin jobs in Bradford

In the last few decades, Bradford has experienced an economic downturn worse than much of the rest of the UK, so competition for jobs is high. That's why, if you're applying for admin jobs in Bradford, your CV needs to be perfect if you want to get an interview.

Spell-check and Grammar - Of course, the first thing is to make sure your CV is grammatically perfect and doesn't include spelling mistakes. Run it through a spell-check program, and then get at least two other people to read it. Others often spot mistakes we ourselves don't see.

Target Your CV to Specific Bradford Companies - Don't just print off 100 copies of your CV and mail the exact same one to each company. Print off small batches and target each CV to particular industries or companies. Bradford's main companies include Thomas Cook's head office, the Yorkshire Building Society, NG Bailey, BASF, Provident Financial plc, Morrisons supermarket chain, and Filtronic. Make sure you apply to all of them for admin jobs, and rewrite parts of your CV to highlight the skills each company is looking for.

Highlight Bradford Experience - When the economy is struggling, companies often favour local candidates over national ones. Make sure your CV highlights your job experience in local Bradford companies, as well as any volunteer work you've done for Bradford charities, and your education in Bradford institutions if you have it.

Your CV should show you're not only a perfect candidate for admin jobs in Bradford, but you also are positive and excited about living in the city and want to work to help it grow.

Bradford's companies have established themselves there because they believe in the city and want to make it work for themselves and the people who live there. Make sure your CV shows you agree with them.


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