What do admin jobs involve?

Admin jobs are amongst the commonest employment opportunities in UK.

Here we list the top duties you can expect to perform.

Dealing with inquiries

A fundamental aspect of admin jobs is to provide a line of communication between the company and the outside world. This could involve working on a reception desk, dealing with customer inquiries face-to-face, or working as part of a team dealing with telephone calls or responding to emailed questions. At all times, administrators dealing with customers must exhibit confidence and professionalism.


Knowledge of computer word processing packages is important for anyone interested in admin jobs. A lot of the work involves writing letters to all manner of customers, internal and external.


Whether this involves sorting computer documents into appropriate locations, or dealing with physical files, this is a crucial duty. The loss or misfiling of documents can have damaging consequences.


Any office requires dedicated staff to order basic equipment to remain fully operational, from printer ink cartridges to plentiful pens!


Admin staff develop a wide range of skills. Management will rely on these individuals to pass on that knowledge to new recruits.


Experienced administrators can be relied upon to provide back-up in many areas, such as setting up equipment for a conference.

Diary systems

Management may devolve the timetabling of meetings and travel arrangements. There is zero margin for error in these admin tasks.

Data entry

Admin staff are relied upon to input data into company records, involving a high degree of accuracy.


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