Finding an Admin Job in Manchester

If you’re searching for an admin job in Manchester, you will be looking for a job in the UK’s second biggest market for office work. Only London is larger. You will also be looking for work in city with the UK's fastest growing economy. So which industries offer the best chance of employment?


Manchester’s economy is now mainly service-based. Financial and professional services are responsible for some of the economic growth along with media companies like the Guardian Media Group and Google, who have their north west regional office in the city centre.


Manchester contributes the third highest amount to the UK’s economy and is one of the UK’s largest financial centres, so it should be no surprise that major banking and financial services companies can be found in the city. Over 90,000 people are currently employed in the sector and companies like the Co-operative Group are based there. They are one of the city’s biggest employers, so you may find an admin job in Manchester with them.

Commercial centre

Manchester’s commercial centre is at the heart of the city. It is focused on Deansgate, King Street, Piccadilly and Mosley Street. Developments like Spinningfields have expanded the district and offer more opportunities for office based employment.

Greater Manchester

If you are prepared to travel out of the city you may find work with companies like Kellogg's and PG Tips, both of which have their head office in Trafford Park. Siemens have a regional office in Withington and Umbro have their head office in Cheadle, so there are lots of opportunities within a few miles of the city.

Final word

Manchester is the commercial centre of the North West of England, so it attracts people from across the region. It’s financial and commercial districts, which have been established for centuries continue to be enhanced, so these are the most likely places in which an admin job in Manchester will be found.

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