Where to Find an Admin Job in Kent

All companies have administration work that needs to be done, but not all of them have dedicated admin roles. Some businesses are too small to need office administrators as members of the sales, commercial or finance teams carry out their own administration. But for the majority of businesses, there is a need. So if you live in the area, how do you get an admin job in Kent?


An admin job in Kent could be in a number of industries. There are 15 radio and television companies in the county, so you could be working in broadcasting. If you live near Rochester, then BAA Systems, who produce defence, security and aerospace technology, could offer employment in an interesting industry. In general, the west of the county, in places like Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks could offer more opportunities for this type of work, as the north is the county’s industrial area and the east and south have fewer industries.

Recruitment agencies

Today getting a job directly with a company is a rarity. Most middle managers prefer to use an agency for recruitment because they can do a lot of the leg work and some of the vetting that the manager doesn’t have time for. For jobseekers, this means that if you want to open yourself up to all of the area’s available jobs, you have to register with an agency.

Preferred agencies

Some businesses only deal with one agency. They pay a lower fee to the agency and they build up a relationship with the agency. So if you don’t register with a number of agencies, you could be missing great opportunities.

Final word

Aside from high street recruitment agencies, you should also register with websites like jobsite.co.uk and monster.co.uk. These sites offer you more information on a role than an agency would, so you can get an idea of what’s out there and who is recruiting. Email alerts and advice on how to make your CV attractive to companies can also help you get a good admin job in Kent.

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