Where Can You Find an Admin Job in Glasgow?

Although unemployment in high in the city and there is an increasing gulf between the rich and the poor, there is still plenty of work in Glasgow. Industries within the city include a wide selection of tea rooms, bars and restaurants, but if you are looking for an admin job in Glasgow the financial district in the city centre could hold the key.


Glasgow has Scotland’s largest economy. It has the third highest GDP per capita of any city in the UK. There are 410,000 jobs for 12,000 businesses within the city crossing both private and public sector. Although major manufacturing continues in the city by companies like Aggreko, Whyte and Mackay and BAE Systems Maritime, other industries have taken its place within the city’s economy. Today, Glasgow is one of Europe’s top 16 financial centres. The majority of the city's financial service companies are based in one district.

Financial district

The city’s financial district is a good place to look for an admin job in Glasgow. It’s situated on the western edge of the city centre in Blythswood Hill and Anderston. It is officially known as the International Financial Services District, or IFSD, and known locally as ‘Wall Street on Clyde’. Here 10 of the UK’s largest insurance companies are located, 8 of whom have their head office in the city. These include Direct Line, AXA, Esure and Norwich Union. Banking sector companies in the area include HBOS, Barclays Wealth, Lloyds TSB, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Other institutes where admin work could be available include the Student Loans Company, the BT Group and Royal Dutch Shell, who have one of their international Shared Business Centres located there.

Call centres

Roughly a third of all call centre employees earn their money in Glasgow. These establishments for major blue-chip companies can also offer an opportunity to gain administrative work through support roles.

Final word

Good transport links make an admin job in Glasgow available to people outside of the city. The city’s urban rail network is second only to London in size. As part of city wide regeneration, a Bus Rapid Transit system, with dedicated bus lanes, is under construction, so no matter where you live, the city's financial hub is a short ride away.

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