Getting an Admin Job in Essex

An admin job in Essex could be hard to find nowadays. As people are staying with the jobs they have, fewer new opportunities are arising. Whilst areas of the county like Maldon and Braintree are experiencing a decrease in unemployment rates, other areas are increasing, which impacts on the job market. But in general, Essex is a good place for employment as there is a wide range of different industries available.


There are a number of different industries in Essex where admin work could be found. Each is centred in one part of the county. If you live in or around Harlow, then pharmaceutical and science companies could offer employment. In Basildon you will find New Holland Agriculture's European headquarters. Ford’s European headquarters can also be found in the county. Chelmsford is home to electronic firms, insurance companies and businesses offering financial services.

Skill sets

Admin roles change between companies and between departments in a company, so a sales admin role is not the same as an admin role within finance, and corresponding roles between organisations also differ. Broad skill sets for these roles include an ability to be organised, a willingness to learn and to fit in, as you will be supporting a team who will rely on you to do your job, and accuracy, as mistakes can cost money.


Although an admin job in Essex won’t pay big money, any mistakes can make a big impact on the business. This is a support function. Your work will only be noticed if you make a mistake with a client’s order or a customer’s invoice, so it’s important to be responsible and above all accurate.

Final word

An admin job in Essex is just as scarce as other roles, but they are available. This type of role is an ideal first step toward a career as it’s a great way to begin working in an office. There will be deadlines to achieve, but you won’t be asked to shoulder the responsibility, so you can get a taste for administrative office work which could lead to bigger and better things.

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