Admin job: recruitment agencies or apply independently?

When you're first starting your job hunt, you're faced with a major decision. Should you use recruitment agencies or should you go it alone? Here we look specifically at the case of applicants who want an admin job, whether recruitment agencies are any good for this purpose and whether you would find better opportunities if you applied independently.

For recruitment agencies

  • Recruitment agencies are usually the first to know about admin job vacancies and potential vacancies. They can therefore provide insider advice that will allow you to get your application in before anyone else.
  • They can offer expert advice on preparing your CV and job interview technique. It's likely that they've worked with the company before, and therefore have a good idea about what's involved in the selection process.
  • Recruitment agencies can follow up on the job for you and provide useful feedback, even if you don't get the position.
  • They often have access to vacancies that aren't advertised elsewhere. Not only does the wider selection give you a better chance of finding a job that suits you, it also means that you'll face less competition from other applicants.

Against recruitment agencies

  • The main disadvantage of using recruitment agencies is that they will take a cut of your salary. This is normally between one and five per cent, depending on the position and your gross salary.
  • If it comes down to a choice between a candidate that applied independently and a candidate that applied through a recruitment agency, employers will usually opt for the former. That's so they won't have to pay the fees involved.


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