The best universities for an accounting degree

The University of Leeds offers a BA in marketing in conjunction with management. A typical offer for a place would be three A-levels with two A grades and a B grade. The modules specialises in providing a broad overview of the key strategies involved in both marketing and management. The institution hosts one of the largest libraries in the country and all of its business courses provide the opportunity to spend a year studying at an overseas university.

A similar course, business, management and leadership, is also available at the University of Exeter. This course emphasises on marketing principles and the behaviour of consumers. Due to the competition for places here, entry requirements are high. Typical offers are three A-levels at grade A, including at least a B grade in GCSE English Language and Maths.

For a more specific study of marketing management, Manchester Metropolitan University provides a 3 year full-time or 4 year sandwich course to help students develop critical skills in marketing management. Entry requirements are significantly more relaxed than some other institutions in the country, with a minimum requirement of 240 UCAS points and a grade C in GCSE English Language and Maths.

An accounting degree is a valuable qualification for people hoping to pursue a career in the financial sector. Many accounting graduates find positions in retail and investments banks or commercial organisations, working their way up in their respective fields. Other people may continue studying for a second undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree in a related subject to enhance their career prospects.

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