We look at one of the most popular accountant jobs around today

So, you think that you might like to take on of the most sought after accountant jobs in the United Kingdom? Many people are desperate to working as chartered public finance accountants these days, and we have decided to take a look at exactly what that entails for you.

In order to get a start as a chartered public finance accountant you're going to need to have at least a diploma in a subject such as politics, government administration, business management, management, accounting or finance. It is widely accepted that you'll have the best chance of success if you have a 2:1 degree in a similar subject.

Your day to day tasks will include maintaining financial documents, building financial models, liaising with clients to help identify new services that may be beneficial to them, training staff, keeping up to date with industry developments, auditing both internally and externally where necessary, carefully managing finances and making important decisions that could affect the financial future of the company in bother short and long term.

Wages usually start at between £23,500 and £30,000 per year, however honours graduates starting to work at larger corporations, particularly those based in London, can sometimes expect to be able to make as much as £50,000 per year starting off.

It's no surprise that people are so interested in this particular career with money like that on offer. However the competition is high, so you're going to need to keep an eye on the following websites;

  • lgcareers.com
  • cipfaplacements.net
  • accountingweb.co.uk
  • publicfinance.co.uk


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