How to have a successful accountant career

If you choose to pursue an accountant career, keep in mind that it is not enough to be great with numbers. You have to love it as well since they are what you will be dealing with every day at work. You also need keen observant skills for this type of profession. Most of the time, people are deliberately trying to conceal something from you, and it is your job to find out what that is.

Fields for Accounting

There are various types of accounting jobs, and developing specialised skills for a particular field will help improve your chances of success. Some of the most common include auditing, which you can do freelance or as part of a corporation’s in-house accounting department. Auditors may also be employed by the government; in any case, your job as an auditor is to ensure that all submitted financial data are accurate and valid.

Financial accountants are simply those assigned by businesses or investors to regularly create and maintain various types of financial statements, which may include a P and L statement, a balance sheet and many others. Managerial accountants are, however, given greater authority in deciding a business’s capital and expenditures.

Other common fields of accounting include budget analysis and taxation.

Where to Find Accounting Jobs

To embark on your accountant career, check out the latest listings of job search sites. They will let you know which are the hottest and highest-paying jobs. On insidecareers.co.uk, a chartered accountant trainee may be paid anywhere between £19k and £26k. On hays.co.uk, a client manager can earn up to £40k.

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