Big demand for accountancy jobs in Australia

Australia is the thirteenth largest economy in the world. With an impressive record of continuous growth since 1992, forecasts suggest the economy will continue to grow for at least the next five years. Low unemployment, continuing shortages of candidates and the ongoing strength of the mining and resource sector are guaranteeing accountancy jobs in Australia for citizens.

At the heart of every business or government is its financial management. A qualification in accounting will give you the tools to develop in the financial arena and is an excellent platform for the future.

Accounting jobs in Australia are mostly found in Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney is Australia's largest financial centre. Sixty-five percent of the Australian finance industry is located there, including the Reserve Bank, the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange.

Around 600 financial institutions have offices in Melbourne's Central Business District and it is also home to the headquarters of two of the largest banks in Australia; Australia Bank and ANZ.

As accounting has evolved into more of a commercially-focused and business facing function, individuals with solid communication and business relationship skills have become highly sought after and those who can demonstrate this during the interview process will stand out from the competition.

For those working in accounting, presentation is extremely important. You need to be flexible with working hours and it is not uncommon to work at night and at weekends. Competition will remain keen for the most prestigious accountancy jobs and only by putting in the hard work can you reap your reward.

An understanding of what drives business is a much valued attribute and accountancy jobs in Australia for it's citizens will drive the country onwards.

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