A guide to account manager jobs

What are Account Manager jobs?

Handling of client accounts

An account manager is in charge of client accounts for the company. This person typically works for an advertising agency. The account manager is often involved in presentations of the agency to potential new clients. When the AM closes a new business, he opens a new account for his company.

The liaison between agency and clients

Naturally, this person is the liaison between the agency and the client. The AM communicates the client's needs to the agency and ensures that project deadlines are met.

Liaising with the advertising staff

The AM also deals with the agency staff and outsourced freelancers such as the copywriter and graphic designer (The copywriter is in charge of writing the advertising copy while the graphic designer is in charge of the advertising design). The AM communicates the client's needs to these professionals.

Where does the AM work?

Based in own office

The AM is mostly office based. Clients can drop in to meet the AM or the latter can travel to clients' offices for meetings. Deadlines are crucial in the advertising industry; the AM and other team members can often be found working late in order to meet them. Some of the businesses are rush jobs.

Shooting on location

If the ad involves a location shoot, the AM is usually present with the team (photographer, etc.). Shooting can take place locally, in another state or even internationally.

What is the career prospect of an AM?

The AM can be promoted to a Senior AM and enjoy an even higher salary. Having good contacts with clients is key to the AM's success.


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