We look at some of the most popular accommodation jobs in the UK today

With the economy still struggling these days it's no surprise that many people involved in the accommodation industry are having to great more and more creative to ensure that holiday makers, tourists and travellers choose them over their competition. The reduction in custom over the last few years has hit many accommodation companies quite hard, however there are still a number of jobs in the industry across the United Kingdom if you know where to look, and know what it is you're looking for.

If you fancy working in a hotel, for example, then the most popular kinds of accommodation jobs tend to be receptionist, cleaner and kitchen worker. As a receptionist you're going to need previous working experience in the clerical field, a friendly personality, an excellent telephone manner, an organised personality and the ability to work very well under pressure. Receptionist positions tend to pay in the region of £8.20 per hour.

As a cleaner it will be your job to ensure that the standards of the hotel are upheld at all times in terms of the cleanliness of the rooms in the building. Common tasks include hoovering, changing bed sheets, picking up rubbish and freshening the air in bedrooms. While no previous experience is required, it is always looked upon as an asset. You can expect to earn around £6.10 per hour for this position.

Finally, those working in the kitchen are responsible for feeding the staff and clientele of the hotel. A strong work ethic is essential, as is the ability to work under intense pressure and follow all the latest health and safety procedures. Depending on their position, a kitchen worker can earn between £6.50 and £12.00 per hour.

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