3 ways to access online job

Here are 3 easy ways to access online job:

  1. Online job boards
  2. Forums
  3. Niche websites

Online job boards

No need to register

There are many online job boards on the net. You can start searching for jobs without registering. The variety available covers all kinds of jobs including online and offline jobs. Although there are many jobs available, typically only the latest jobs are valid because dated ones would have been filled up.

Use the site search engine

To search for online jobs, look for a category specific to this. Otherwise, use search terms like 'online', 'part time' or 'freelance' in the site search engine. See what are the results returned. For best results, use job boards that are specific to online jobs.


If you are searching for online jobs, forums make sense. There is usually a section dedicated to this. Again, it is usually the latest posts that are valid. However, jobs that are posted here don't usually pay a lot.

Advertise your skills

If there are potential employers who browse the same forum as you do, advertise your skills and have them contact you instead. Be specific in what you do, your skills, qualification and experience. You can ask to be private messaged but you should include your email address in case the person reading your post is unregistered on the forum.

Niche websites

If you are searching for online jobs in a specific niche, there must be websites or even blogs that are considered go-to sites. These authoritative sites usually have a section that is dedicated for jobs in that niche.

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