How an ACCA qualification can help get jobs in Canada

The ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is one of the world's leading bodies in the accoutancy world. Offering serveral  qualifications that are recognised world wide including entry level and professional courses and a focus on continuous professional development.

The ACCA has come to be trusted the world over, in existance for over one hundred years with nearly 150,000 members and another 420,000 students studying in over eighty three centres world wide.

By holding one of these qualifications members are recognised internationally as being proficient and capable in auditing, book-keeping and accounting. Members of the ACCA are also recognised as having high standards in ethics, governance and regulations.

The ACCA's website http://www.accaglobal.com/en.html has details of all its world wide members, detailing the network connections that ACCA memberships offers. This section provided by the ACCA has information on members, learning centres and crucially employers in different terretories. This information is available on the ACCA website and by connecting to this network members who hold an ACCA qualification will be able to see ACCA jobs in Canada or other countries that they choose to visit.

As detailed on the website these jobs exist in almost every industry, ranging from the Finance industry to th growing Film production industries which are thriving in Canada's Toronto, Quebec and Ontario.

Another option to find jobs searching for candidates with ACCA qualifications is to search for local recruitment companies and websites using Google. This will enable you to efficiently and quickly search for ACCA Jobs in Canada

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