How to get ACCA Jobs in Canada

If you are qualified in accountancy you will find quite a few job prospects to consider in Canada. This is especially true if you are registered with the ACCA. Accountants are currently in high demand in the country, and the number of ACCA jobs in Canada is rising.

While Canada has issued its own qualifications to accountants for decades, the ACCA has only recently settled on a mutual recognition agreement with the Canadian regulatory bodies. Therefore the number of ACCA members in Canada is currently quite low, but it is growing exponentially. As the ACCA is now officially recognised in Canada, anyone who is a member of this organisation is now considered to be on a par with someone holding a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from a Canadian university. Therefore non-national members of the ACCA can access jobs in Canada more easily, and their qualifications are instantly recognised.

Those who are interested in immigrating to Canada must of course meet certain immigration requirements. These requirements have been set by the Canadian immigration authorities and are designed to assess an individual's potential contribution to the state. Factors such as age, marital and familial status, education and qualifications are considered as part of this process. Those who have are members of the ACCA will automatically be rated very highly in terms of education and qualifications, which gives them a considerable advantage when attempting to immigrate. Therefore many ACCA jobs in Canada can potentially be obtained by non-nationals.

Further information about accountancy jobs in Canada can be found at http://ca.theaccountancyjob.com/, while details about ACCA jobs in Canada are available at http://www2.accaglobal.com/canada.

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