For part-time jobs in Aberdeen, check the Gumtree listings

Aberdeen is all about the oil industry and ancillary services. Most of those jobs are allocated centrally, by the big oil companies. For everything else and particularly service sector jobs in Aberdeen, try Gumtree.

Gumtree (gumtree.com/aberdeen) is one of the best resources for jobs in Aberdeen and the local area, especially for casual and part-time work.

The website covers employment in 40 different categories. A typical selection includes over 700 vacancies, covering everything from babysitting to restaurant management.

There are some openings for professional and management jobs, but you are unlikely to find any top-salary oil industry jobs here. What you will find is an ever-changing list of vacancies in the local bar, restaurant and catering industries, as well as plenty of opportunities for domestic staff.

With a substantial student population in the city, these kinds of jobs get snapped up very quickly, so get into the habit of checking the site over your breakfast coffee, and apply immediately for any likely looking jobs.

One aspect of the employment scene that is typical of Aberdeen is the number of opportunities for nannies and household staff. A typical check revealed 50 jobs for housekeeping and cleaning, and 38 for nannies and childcare. Gardeners and maintenance workers are also in demand

Many well-paid workers in the oil industry need help with childcare, cooking, cleaning and general housekeeping. Belying the myth of Aberdeen people being careful with their cash, salaries for this kind of work in Aberdeen can often be higher than in other Scottish cities.

Register with the site and Aberdeen Gumtree will keep a record of every job ad you have consulted, so you can find them again quickly when you need to check an address or phone number.


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