Find Aberdeen bar jobs!

If you are studying at University in Aberdeen, bar jobs are a great way to keep the cash levels up. Working in bars while studying is good option because it is a great way to meet people, they usually involve shift work so it can be flexible with your studying, and it’s better to be on that side of the bar while studying than the other! The pay and tips are usually decent.

To get a bar job, experience is usually required and you might struggle to find a job without any. Do stick at it, you will find one eventually!

jobisjob.co.uk and gumtree.co.uk are two good websites to get you started. There are many bar jobs going there. It is a good idea to start your job search in the summer - with thousands of students arriving in September, some of them might get in before you if you don't.

Bar jobs around Aberdeen pay £6 to £7 an hour, and tips on top. Working the bar in a restaurant is a good way to make lots of tips, although these jobs can be less flexible for working hours.

If you have to do an interview, take a look around the bar. If it looks like a quiet bar with many regulars, make you appear friendly and chatty. These are good traits to have in these kind of bars.

If it is a posh restaurant, show you are professional and be articulate. If it is a restaurant setting research a little information about wines - what kind of wine would suit a steak or a salmon dish, for example.

Bar jobs are sought after by many students so be friendly, expect a few places to say that experience is essential, and do a bit of homework and you will find something going.


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