A LIDL job search is well worth the effort

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The jobs market is incredibly tough at the moment, and this is why thousands of people are looking at alternative sources of employment. Retail is an industry that is bucking the trend and continues to recruit staff. And a LIDL job search is a great way of entering the industry.

LIDL is ubiquitous in the UK and Ireland, and you'll find a store in almost every town in the countries. For example, there are 106 stores dotted around the Emerald Isle. Dropping a CV into your local store is a great way of getting the ball rolling with your job search. If you need any help polishing up your CV, the staff at the local FAS centre will be more than happy to help you out.

Experience of the retail industry, and particularly supermarkets, is a bonus when you're trying to land a job with LIDL. But it's not always essential, and many people successfully secure a position with LIDL with no previous experience of the industry.

Some of the positions available with LIDL include general operatives, managers and security guards. Salaries for management positions with Lidl can reach €35k, and will require some qualifications; such as a business certificate. General operatives are paid the minimum wage, however this can be augmented with over-time. Wages for security guards are over €10 an hour.

And remember to keep an eye on recruitment agencies, as they can be an invaluable help with your LIDL job search.

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