FAQs for A Level distance learning

An A Level via distance learning can be extremely beneficial for anyone who is hoping to further their career or enter further education. Here we look at some frequently asked questions about taking A Levels via distance learning.

How long do distance learning A Level courses last for?

Most distance learning providers will over study schemes to suit your learning requirements. You can study intensively in under six months or you can study over the course of two years or more. Speak to an individual course provider for more information.

How do I take exams?

You’ll need to take your exams in a recognised and accredited exam centre. Most distance learning course providers can advise on how to find the nearest one to you, but many ask that you organise your own exams with the centre. Strict deadlines normally apply so research this well in advance.

How do I know that a course provider is reputable?

Any company can post reviews on their own website. They could easily have filtered out the bad ones, or even falsified them completely. The best way to find out whether a course provider is any good or not is to get in touch with current or past students. A quick internet search for the company name should bring up reviews.

How much do A Level distance learning courses cost?

A single A Level can cost anywhere from £190 to £450. You may also be required to pay an exam fee on top of this (normally around £35).


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