Which are the top independent A Level colleges in London?

Independent colleges are also known as boarding or day schools and some people call them private schools. You have to pay to attend these schools and debate exists as to whether they are actually any better than government funded schools. For this reason, it is important to consider not only the fact that the school is private, but to consider its reputation and performance.

London is a fantastic place to live and study. It is home to the biggest and best hospitals, law firms, accountancy firms, business and charitable organisations in the world and as such provides an excellent environment for developing your professional career early on. Supplement your A Level studies with keen interests in work experience and you will find yourself leaps ahead of the competition for jobs and further education places.

Here are the top three A Level colleges in London to consider:

Chelsea Independent College - Fulham Road, London, Website: Cic.ac

Chelsea Independent College is a mixed boys and girls college for students aged 16-19. They have both boarding and day facilities, and fees start at £14,970 for day attendance (as of July 2011). 90.6% of the A Level students at Chelsea Independent College scores grades of A or B in their A Levels, making it the top scoring independent A Level college in London and third in the country (behind Cardiff Sixth Form College with a 100% score and Concord College, Shrewsbury, with a 92.8% score).

Albemarle Independent College - Dunraven Street, London, Website: Albemarle.org.uk

Again, this school caters for both girls and boys aged 15-19 but they only offer day facilities. Day fees start from £15,450 (as of July 2011) and the college scored a respectable 90.4% of its students achieving A and B grades at A Level.

Duff Miller College - Queen's Gate, London, Website: Duffmiller.com

Duff Miller is a mixed boys and girls day school with pupils aged 14-18. They scored a good 88.9% of their pupils scoring As and Bs at A Level and their fees start at £15,995 (as of July 2011).


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