A guide to finding part time permanent vacancies in the UK.

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Finding part time permanent vacancies might not be as difficult as what you think. With so many businesses now working around the clock you will always find a suitable part time permanent vacancy. So what kind of work could you look for?

Almost every industry requires part time staff. Whether you are looking for accountancy jobs or driving trucks, there is a strong possibility of finding part time permanent work.

Pubs, bars and restaurants can prove to be extremely good places to start searching for work. Due to their unsocial hours and the fact that busy periods usually only happen for short amounts of time you can be assured that you will find part time permanent vacancies in this area. Many people work evenings or weekends up to 25 hours per week in permanent roles.

Evening jobs can also be found in corner shops, shopping centres, cinemas, entertainment centres and any other place that opens until late at night. These type of jobs can earn you an extra income each week but there is a strong possibility that you won't make enough money to live a life of luxury! You can expect to earn between £5 and £7 an hour in these positions.

When looking for your new part time permanent vacancies the best tool to help you with your search is the internet. There are so many excellent websites advertising hundreds of thousands of positions daily. At the touch of a button you can apply to many jobs online. Sites such as jobisjob.co.uk and indeed.co.uk are excellent websites for finding part time permanent vacancies in the UK.

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