A career in IT is challenging

A Hardware Career in IT

Computers come in all sizes, with desktop towers, netbooks, mainframes, servers and everything in-between. A hardware career in IT lets you develop, maintain and repair physical computer equipment. You might add memory, swap hard drives, or add accessories like modems and routers. Hardware careers in IT require manual dexterity, and they are a good fit for anyone who loves gadgets.

A Software Career in IT

A software career in IT lets you create programs and instructions for the computer's brain. These jobs are available in many parts of the computer industry. With various operating systems and many types of software, these careers in IT are exciting and challenging. You can learn programming, develop video games, or create customised productivity applications for businesses, consumers or organisations.

A Security Career in IT

Viruses, malware and the Internet make computer security careers in IT critical and plentiful. Hackers who disrupt business and government networks cause losses in the millions. They even make international travel and banking more risky by interfering with cross-border computer communications. With this special career in IT, security specialists provide the last line of defence against these threats and attacks on the world's computer systems and networks.

A Support Career in IT

Technical support is a career in IT that lets you combine hardware, software and people skills. Even advanced computer users sometimes face software that won't cooperate, monitors that display strange characters and any number of glitches that computers are capable of having. A help desk and technical support career in IT requires good problem-solving skills. You use them to put computer users back in control of their tools and help them get their work done on time.

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