Top online jobs

Work from home jobs represent a good opportunity to earn some extra cash - and they're especially desirable if you have other time commitments which might make a regular part time job impracticable.

Here are five of the top online jobs available to UK residents...

  1. Typing jobs from home - typing work from home usually involves transcribing information or data from an audio file or shorthand notes into the right format, and uploading it onto a Content Management System (CMS) or a form of online database or file server. You'll usually require a good typing speed (60+ words per minute), plus a high degree of accuracy.
  2. Paid surveys online - paid surveys don't actually pay very well, but anyone can do them and they're widely available - so there are ideal if you just want to earn a couple of pounds while watching your favourite TV show. Some surveys pay in points rather than pence, and you can redeem these points against a range of products and experiences (something like a Nectar card). If you are interested in paid surveys, it's a good idea to set up a separate email account because you can expect a lot of spam.
  3. Freelance writer jobs - writing jobs are getting increasingly hard to find, but if you are a good writer with an impressive portfolio to back it up, you should be able to find a decent position,. Expect to earn around £8-9 per hour on a decent project.
  4. SEO consultant jobs - SEO (search engine optimisation) basically involves aiming to rank well in search engine results for a particular search term. You can easily teach yourself SEO, set up a website offering your services, then promote your new business to companies that might benefit from a better web presence.

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