How to find great third sector jobs

Jobs in the third sector are increasingly in demand with talented graduates and experienced employees alike. And it's no surprise: modern third sector organisations, like charities and social enterprises, are large and highly organised and third sector jobs often pay almost as well as private-sector equivalents.

But where do you find third sector jobs? There are many options. A range of websites specialise in providing jobs in the third sector, including:

  • charityjob.co.uk
  • jobs.thirdsector.co.uk
  • voluntarysectorjobs.co.uk

Each of these will provide you with details on a large number of jobs ranging from starter positions such as fundraising up to mid-level positions. If you are looking for a more demanding or better-paid position, you might consider looking in the Guardian newspaper on Wednesday, where the Society section features lots of third sector jobs, or on the Guardian jobs website.

The annual Forum3 event held every year in London can also be an excellent place to find third sector jobs. You can find details at forum3.co.uk.

However, before you begin you should give some thought to what sort of jobs you're looking for. After all, charities and other third sector organisations are no different to private companies: they want to hire a suitable person for each job. Do you have any experience that would be particularly helpful to a charity? Fundraising is hugely important to charities, so if you are experienced there or in sales you might have a strong chance of getting a job. Marketing, campaigning and media relations are important to some charities but less so to others. Larger third sector organisations will have needs for HR and legal professionals, but smaller ones are less likely to.

Remember, you might not be able to work for your desired third sector organisation straight away. Some kinds of charities, like international development charities, are in particular demand. It may be necessary to consider less 'sexy' third sector jobs at first and transfer into your chosen area later on.

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