We examine some of the state employment aids available to people across the UK

Since the global recession started to take hold back in 2008, things have been understandably tough for many people. Not only have thousands of jobs been lost up and down the United Kingdom, but there has also been a huge number of different problems faced financially by people unable to keep up with their mortgage or loan repayments.

This hasn't been helped by the drop in house prices or the fact that there are simply so few companies out there who are unwilling to take on new employees as uncertainty about their future continues to grow.

In order to help address this, and try to get as many people back to work as possible, there are a number of state employment aids and initiatives taking place all across the United Kingdom right now. If you find yourself out of work at the moment and are looking for the helping hand that you might need in order to get back into the kind of job that you held before things started to go pear shaped within the economy, then we suggest you check some of them out.

The most popular seems to have been the reinvention of the government run job centres. While many people still assume that they are the same depressing, smokey environments that they were in the 1980s, this couldn't be further from the truth.

As state employment aids go, these job centres are just about the best. You can call into your local one in order to learn new job seeking techniques, to take courses that will help to enhance your chances of finding work, learn the best ways to write and present your CV and also get some great advice from the experienced employment experts working in the job centres.

If you prefer to do things on your own, you can find out everything you need to help yourself over at direct.gov.uk. This website has everything that a modern job seeker could possibly need, including a number of excellent government sponsored links and guides. If you stick to their advice you should be able to find yourself a job in no time at all.

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