Create your own self employed vacancies!

Are you having a hard time finding work? Well have you considered setting up your own business and creating your own self employed vacancies? Working for yourself does have its advantages and disadvantages, but it can be a strong contender during tough economic times when other job vacancies are thin on the ground.

How to work for yourself

Unlike other job openings and work opportunities, self employed vacancies aren't readily advertised in the traditional sense of the word. You're not likely to come across a job ad seeking a self employed professional.

Much more common, however, it is the sight of "Work Wanted" ads which summarise the services that the self employed contractor is offering, and perhaps their rates and fees. This is a good alternative to trawling through existing vacancies, and if a person likes what they see in the ad, they will follow up. It's therefore a good idea to put considerable time and effort into ensuring that the ad is eye catching, descriptive and makes it as easy as possible to get in touch for a quote.

You can also generate your own self employed vacancies through "cold calling". Imagine yourself in the position of a sales person. The product you are selling is your own products or services, and your potential customers are the companies that may need someone in your industry. Prepare a winning sales pitch and back it up with relevant documents - a good follow up letter, a CV and a portfolio demonstrating your skills and achievements to date. You don't have to cold call using a telephone, you can also call in in person or send an email.

Remember, the majority of new businesses fail in their first year. Don't put all your eggs in one basket with self employed vacancies, and always have a back up plan and an emergency savings fund.

Learn from your mistakes and never lose sight of the bigger picture - you're trying to build a business that will earn money.

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