Find jobs at the best recruitment agencies in Brighton

Any serious job hunter in Brighton should start their job search by signing up at several of the city's recruitment agencies. Luckily, the recruitment agencies in Brighton are some of the best on the south coast, with not only lots of job listings but career advice too.

Adecco - One of the world's largest recruitment agencies, Adecco has a branch in Brighton that mainly concentrates on recruiting for sales positions, finance and insurance jobs, IT workers and office admin staff.

In Brighton, you can sign up on Adecco's website (adecco.co.uk) or make an appointment at their offices, where you'll go through a short interview and may be tested on your computer skills.

While on their website, remember to check out their 'Career Centre' as you'll find help for everything related to your job search, including how to write the best CV and having a successful interview. You'll find Adecco at 44 North Street, Brighton.

First Recruitment Services (firstrecruitment.co.uk) - One of the more local recruitment agencies in Brighton, with several branches in the south east area, FRS recruits for higher-level positions such as software engineers, credit controllers, buyers and project managers. You will also find lower-level jobs for temporary fundraisers and office support staff, so make sure you sigh up here no matter which type of job you want.

First Recruitment Services gives you a choice of signing up online or at their office but, be aware, you often get better results if you meet face to face with a recruitment specialist.

If you've ever thought about being a recruitment specialist, FRS has a segment on their website with information about applying for a job with their company too. First Recruitment Services is above Costa Coffee at 33 Bond Street, Brighton.

Red Flag Recruitment (redflagrecruitment.com)- A small Brighton-based recruitment agency, if you like personalised treatment and a friendly atmosphere, you'll love Red Flag Recruitment.

To sign up at Red Flag, you must make an appointment at their office. When you do, be sure to talk about not only your past experience, but also about any recent training you've completed, and future training opportunities you'd love to have.

Red Flag's way of recruiting is more tailored to the clients' needs than some other recruitment agencies, meaning they also see possibilities for job seekers the person may not see themselves. Knowing your entire background will help them do just that.

Red Flag is located at 44 North Road, Brighton.

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